10 Reasons Why You Need a Communication Platform

A Communication Platform connects your business. It gathers all your communication in one place and makes information easily accessible for every employee. 

What is a Communication Platform?  

Digital Communication Platforms enable employees to receive relevant, targeted and updated information from their organization. Communication Platforms are gradually becoming an integrated part of many organizations, and there’s a good reason for that. 

Today we consume all of our information from digital mobile devices. Too many organizations mistakenly communicate with their employees through traditional intranets, email or printed sheets. Why not reach your employees with information, where they get everything else – right at their fingertips. 

Communication platforms optimize the internal communication in your business because they secure daily contact, structure information flows and target specific employee groups. In this way a Communication Platform bridges the gap between HQ and all members of staff and create a two-way dialogue that allows everyone in your organization to raise their voice.

In the video below, we have listed all core modules and features of the Relesys app.

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Why a Communication Platform is a Good Investment

We’ve already highlighted some of the most obvious advantages above, but there’s more. Let's explore the benefits of a Communication Platform and why it’s a great ROI.


1. A One Point of Contact Platform 

To put it simple, it’s a way for you to gather all your communication within one place. It’s a replacement of the old school intranet, unauthorized social groups and not to mention the many one-sheets. By streamlining your workflow with a One Point of Contact Platform your employees have everything they need in their pockets.  

A single source Communication Platform makes it less confusing for your employees where to seek information. It eliminates the need for your employees to search through different platforms, which saves them time and in the end empowers your employees to work more efficiently.

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Relesys One Point of Contact Communication Platform


2. Improve your Internal Communication 

A Communication Platform is a really efficient work tool for your business to reach all of your employees, especially the non-desk workers that haven’t got access to a computer during their workday. This way you can reach all of your employees with valuable information to ensure that everybody is in the know. 

You can also structure your information flows which means that you can target specific information to specific employee groups. A structured flow of information secures that your employees only get what they need, and that they don’t feel like they’re drowning in too much information.  

With the Relesys Communication Platform all of your employees get their own personal profile which allow you to easily reach everyone in your organization and communicate “need-to-know” information via targeted groups or chat.


3. Engage your Employees 

It’s alpha omega for your business to have engaged employees. Employee engagement involves making your employees feel that they belong to something bigger and are an important asset to the company.

A study from Gallup shows that engaged employees increase productivity with up to 21%. When your employees feel engaged and motivated, they transform work into a meaningful and purposeful accomplishment

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A Communication Platform allows your employees to understand the company’s mission and goals. It also provides them with a better understanding of how their exact work and role fit into the business. As a result your employees will be more engaged and committed to your company.


Engagement Through Gamification 

To add another level of engagement Relesys uses elements of gamification to motivate your employees. We implement gamification throughout the platform to continuously engage employees in fun learning- and social initiatives. In this way the Relesys Platform motivates all employees towards better performance and a proactive mindset. 


Engaged employees


4. Increase Productivity and Performance 

According to a study from McKinsey new employees spend approximately 20% of their time searching for information or for someone who can answer their questions. With a Communication Platform you can minimize the time searching for information and support a more productive workflow. 

Employee engagement is significantly correlated with job performance. So if your employees feel included and believe that their opinions count, they’re more likely to feel personally invested in their job, be more efficient and eager to succeed.


5. A good Onboarding experience

Employee onboarding is important for your business in the perspective of great results. A good onboarding experience engages your new hire in your company as quickly and effectively as possible.

Therefore a successful onboarding process is important to make your new hire feel comfortable and equipped for their new role. A study from Glassdor shows that a great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by over 80% and productivity by over 70%.

One of the reasons is because an onboarding program creates meaning and helps your new hire to understand how they can contribute to the overall strategy and culture much faster. 

There is a clear connection between onboarding and the operational and financial success of your business. Businesses who are more likely to create a good onboarding program deliver a remarkable return on investment and increase retention, productivity and employee engagement.

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Employee onboarding


6. Educational Employee Training 

Training is an important part of your employees’ personal development and skill specialization. Training keeps educating your employees, so they are always on top of their game and offering the best service possible.  

It's also an efficient way to engage your employees meanwhile their work satisfaction, self-efficacy and personal development increase. Employee training is an ongoing process that consist of everything from ensuring legal regulations like GDPR to product knowledge or organizational values. 

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7. increase employee Retention 

Without a structured onboarding program your business can risk spending a large amount of money on employee turnovers and loss of productivity. The average cost of replacing an employee, within the first year,  is estimated to be at least three times their salary, besides all the hours of administration. 

Actually a study shows that 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years or more if they’ve experienced a great onboarding.

This means that when you onboard new hires in a structured and meaningful way your employees are more likely to stay with you longer, because they are aligned with organizational goals and with their role.


8. Improve your Customer Experience 

It’s important that your employees feel confident and well informed to provide the best customer service possible. A communication platform educates your employees with product knowledge and company guidelines, so they feel comfortable with their work tasks and ready to approach the customers.


Employee satisfaction graphic


9. Positive Workplace Culture 

An open and dynamic internal communication is important to create a healthy and positive work environment. A communication platform supports organizations to create a stimulating and two-sided dialogue that benefits all employees from your remote workers to HQ. 

This creates even opportunities for your workforce to share experiences, feedback and opinions regarding the company culture and individual work tasks, which generates a motivating conversation between your employees.

A Communication Platforms is in this perspective an efficient tool to break down barriers and create more transparency in your organization. It's a way for your employees to share their work experiences and acknowledge each other's work.

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10. Analytical Insights 

A Communication Platform provides you with analytical insights that allows you to understand how your app is being used. These insights make it possible to make data driven decisions for your company and for your employees.

By measuring engagement, performance and activity you can implement relevant strategies to increase the overall productivity or be aware of adopting a proactive approach. 

With the Relesys Platform you can also create surveys, check your employees' work mood and create a feedback module to get immediate insights about your company's health and well being.


Analytical insights illustration


a return of investment 

A Communication Platform gives you the possibility to continuously engage all of your employees at every level in your organization on a daily basis.

So by improving your internal communication with a Communication Platform you connect your organization and increase the feeling of togetherness among your employees.

If your employees are engaged they will naturally become more productive and they will more likely stay with your company for a long time. Together these aspects deliver a remarkable return of investment for your business.

Are you curious about what the Relesys Platform can do for your company? Contact us today or book a demo to learn more about the possibilities. 

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