BAUHAUS: A Communication Platform That Ensures to Reach Every Employee

Anja Borg
April 29, 2020

BAUHAUS had difficulties to reach all their employees with communication and information. Therefore, they invested in the Relesys Communication Platform.

Bauhaus x Relesys (+Subtitles)

From AM to PM - How Do You Reach Everyone? 

The principal challenge for BAUHAUS, before they implemented the Relesys Platform, was having a big staff working at varying shifts from morning to evening. Therefore, it was hard for HQ to reach the non-desk workers with information even though they tried everything.

Hampus Åkerlund, Sales Manager for BAUHAUS Sweden, points out:

We tried meetings, notes, email - everything, but we still could not reach them all.


Martin and Rebecca are both working as sales assistants and explain that it was hard to hand over information inside of the store during shift change. Also, it wasn’t convenient for the staff to seek information because they had to sit down with a laptop and log in. Time they rarely have during a shift. 

Rebecca is happy for the communication platform and tells about the difference and impact it has on her daily work: 

You needed to sit down with a laptop and read the information. Now I can take a few minutes here and there on my phone.


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Appreciation From the Employees 

John, Store Manager, tells that the management team had a hard time ensuring that every employee got access to all the information, they needed. The staff felt the same way and asked the management to get a tool where everything was gathered in one place and easy to access. 

Hampus Håkerlund explains the management’s decision: 

The staff asked us to make something happen so they could get all the information in one place, and here the app was a perfect solution for us. They really appreciate that now they can find everything within one place.


Competition Creates Fun at Work

The easy access to information in the app is not the only thing that has changed the work-life for BAUHAUS. 

The employees love to compete against each other within the app. Martin likes the point system and thinks it adds some fun when working in the store. John prefers another social aspect within in the app:

My favourite thing in the app is the local social wall. 


In this way, the communication platform has ensured that the management reaches every single employee while the social and competitive aspects within the app connects and strengthens the staff as a unit.

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