Berendsen: A Communication Platform That Builds Company Pride

Signe Bjørklund
September 17, 2020

After implementing the Relesys Communication Platform Berendsen Denmark experienced a newfound community feeling among their employees with increased engagement and satisfaction.

Berendsen x Relesys (+Subtitles)

A Change in the Internal Communication

Before implementing the Relesys Communication Platform, Berendsen had different challenges with their internal communication. The only way they could reach out to their employees was through an intranet or outdated printed sheets.

They found it difficult to reach all of their employees with information, especially since 2 out of 3 employees don’t have access to a computer or an email account. HR Partner in Berendsen, Christina Voss, explains one of the main reasons for implementing the app:

We saw a great demand for internal communication improvements.


Berendsen decided to gather all their communication in a one point of contact communication platform. They structured and targeted their information flows to secure that the employees only received relevant information. Now they have everything easily accessible and it’s always updated.

To Communications Manager in Berendsen, Amalie Ussing, it’s really important that the distance between HQ and the employees has decreased and created a closer dialogue:

The internal communication has been much better since introducing the app, since we can easily share information with everyone within the company.


Engaged Employees IN the Organization

The Communication Platform has engaged all of Berendsen's employees from HQ to production. Management has done an impressive work with getting all of their employees onboarded and already within the first month they reached their goal of how many they wanted to engage with the app.

Mia Sivertsen is a Production Manager at Berendsen and she’s very excited about the app, which has become an indispensable part of her daily work routine:

I use it for everything. To say when everything's going great, but also if there's a problem and we need to make sure that everybody understands, that this is something we need to handle and how we need to handle it.


The Communication Platform is a great working tool for her to communicate important updates or information on short notices. But she also uses it in social contexts to celebrate birthdays or share success stories.


The Pride of Working in Berendsen

Berendsen has experienced a great success with their social modules in the app. The platform has created a strong community feeling among the employees that reflects a pride of working in Berendsen and shared values when it comes to sustainability among others.

It’s especially the module Join Me at Work that has created excitement and a high level of engagement among the employees. Amalie Ussing explains how the module allows one employee to tell about his or hers function in Berendsen:

We saw that it was a help to break down the barriers between production, service and sales among others. They got a better understanding of what each other were doing.


The employees at Berendsen inspire each other by sharing their daily work and different contributes to the company. The employees are cheering for each other by liking and commenting social posts which has created a positive and acknowledging work culture on all levels in the organization.

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