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Helping HR departments engage resourceful humans with Relesys and Specsavers

Standing room and bursting at the seams; on the 17th of April, Engage Employee Summit 2023’s London auditorium was packed to the walls. They made for an impressive collective; a mix of HR experts and C’level professionals, gathered to share the trade secrets of workforce engagement.

Impressively, the throng turned up despite the well-stocked food court in walking distance of the stage. They watched as Tiina Bindner, the head of communications at Specsavers Northern Europe, took to the podium – to share her insight into how Specsavers engages their workforce with internal communications.

She narrated how Specsavers broke through to their teams - raising their staff participation with workplace comms, for a multinational range of stores and departments. 

As described by Tiina, Specsavers rolled out one, revolutionary new app for employee communications; powered by the Relesys architecture. Specsavers christened their engagement app ‘GreenPoint’ - now in use at Specsavers' locations across Northern Europe. 

In the words of Richard Owens, Specsavers’ Retail and Operations Director for Northern Europe, Specsavers is: “finding new opportunities with the Relesys Platform every day, to make it better and better, and make peoples’ lives easier and easier."

Let us put Richard's statement into context. Relesys apps, like GreenPoint, combines the functions Specsavers' employees prefer to use in workplace: two-way communication with managers, instant messaging, and interactive news boards, onto one accessible mobile app. Relesys' analytics indicate employees are creatures of convenience. Therefore, when news and communications are a screen-press away, engagement rates rise - and stress levels fall.

Some companies only adopt new methods for engaging staff reactively. They improve their communication architectures only when suffering a slump in performance. At the Summit, Tiina said her team took a more ambitious road – for their HR department already enjoyed high employee engagement rates. On their old system, employees logged in, accessed communications, and completed workforce functions. This was satisfactory, but for Specsavers, satisfaction was not the goal, but the start gun. 


Specsavers chose Greenpoint to nurture organic conversations between different teams and stores. Greenpoint’s easy-to-use interface empowers their employees to post news, create their own updates, and engage in inter-team dialogue, group skill development, and share human moments without being prompted by managers. According to Tiina’s presentation, GreenPoint delivered. The app now hosts a range of functions from ticketing modules for customer queries, and even tools for store operations.

Thank you, Specsavers, for sharing your experience.  


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Tani Lawrey is Relesys's content writer - and an old hand at writing informational journalism for workplace tech projects. Their favorite color is tanzanite, and they're utterly terrible at chess.

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