Illum: Connecting Business Through Employee Engagement

Anja Borg
April 23, 2020

Why does Illum think employee engagement is important? Read the benefits of employee engagement and the activities at Illum below.

Illum x Relesys (+Subtitles)

Monday morning is not that bad

Every Monday morning the non-desk workers at Illum receive updates from HQ about what’s going on, what is good to know, what will happen, what to be aware of in the coming week, etc. It is a real time saver and Povilas, Brand Ambassador, explains:

If I read it through in the morning, I can actually figure out what’s going to happen, how things are going and I don’t need to ask anybody around—It’s just there!


What TO do when the fire alarm starts 

The easy and fast access to information help the employees every day. Information about social events, special deals, awards and guidelines helps the employees to stay on top of their game and performance. Emily, Direct Sales, is especially happy for the look of the app and the module Daily Fix:

It has the right aesthetics. I would say the Daily Fix is the most useful because you can always see what kind of deals there are and I like that.

Sometimes unexpected things happen at work in Illum. Susan, Manager of Customer Lounge, explains the efficiency of the information flow in the app when a howling fire alarm created an uncertain and stressful situation:

When a fire alarm went off here, after we went out of the house and came back, the security manager wrote in the app what had happened and why the fire alarm went off so we didn’t imagine a lot of wrong things.

In this way the efficiency of sharing information and the easy access via their phone helped everyone to keep calm and understand what was going on and the status of the critical situation.


New call-to-action

Gamification elements connects 


The employees in Illum compete by gamification elements and a point system within the app. They are competing about the next gift from the store - and who don't want an extra little something? Susan explains:

What connects people here is the competition within the app. If you enter the app every day, you get a point and if you’re in the top 10, you can gain something - a gift. So actually we are talking a lot about that – who is in the top 10. I hope I win someday.


Another thing that connects the people across departments is the pictures and daily personal stories. Now the employees know what is going on and have access to all the hilarious things colleagues are doing.

The employees inspire, motivate and engage each other by these stories and the internal competition about the monthly gift. The social content and gamification elements creates positive conversation subjects across the departments and connects all the employees.

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