Illum: An Employee Engagement App That Creates Empowerment And Safety

If you succeed in your employee engagement, you build a strong organizational culture that paves the wave to a booming bottom line and a competitive advantage.  

Yet, employee engagement can be difficult to practice since it all comes down to the employee. It’s therefore critical to know your employees, meaning to know their workdays and tasks, and what motivates and challenges them.  

This is exactly what the department store ILLUM did.  

With a customized employee app, they found a way to make their non-desk workers passionate among customers and thrive among colleagues.

Illum x Relesys (+Subtitles)

INFORMED MEANS EQUIPPED with a Communication Platform

You know the feeling: On Mondays, you show up at work with a mind that needs to be refreshed and refilled with information to be fit for a new week.  

This need is fulfilled with ILLUM’s non-desk workers thanks to their communication app. It ensures that they receive important updates from the HQ every Monday morning and gives them the best possible start of the week. ILLUM’s Brand Ambassador, Povilas, describes the app both as a working lexicon and time-saver, right at his fingertips:  

If I read it through in the morning, I can figure out what’s going to happen, and how things are going. I don’t need to ask anybody around— it’s just there. That’s where we get information (…) about some procedures, which we don’t know how to do.


Since the app gives the employees easy and fast access to information, they can stay updated around the clock on social events, special deals, awards, and guidelines – and therefore always be the expert in front of the customers. Emily from Direct Sales highlights a certain module:  

The Daily Fix is the most useful because you can always see what kind of deals there are, and I like that.


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The employees in ILLUM compete against each other by gamification elements and a point system within the app. Susan explains that the gamification features not only awaken their competitive side but is also a conversation topic that binds everyone together:  

What connects people here is the competition within the app. If you enter the app every day, you get a point and if you’re in the top 10, you can gain something – a gift. So, we’re talking a lot about that.


Another thing that connects the people across departments is the pictures and daily personal stories that the employees post in the app for everyone to see, read, like, and comment on. This way, the employees can stay in touch with the funny things that their colleagues experience, and they can inspire, motivate, and engage each other.  

That also includes new employees since the app ensures that they quickly and easily feel involved  and a part of their new workplace:  

When I started here at ILLUM, I downloaded the app right away. It was awesome. I felt really welcomed.



When you work in a large department store with many floors and hundreds of customers going in and out, no days look alike, and you must always expect the unexpected.   

Susan who is Manager of Customer Lounge explains the efficiency of the information flow in the app when a howling fire alarm created an uncertain and stressful situation: 

After we had gone out of the building and came back in, the security manager wrote in the app what has happened and why the fire alarm went off, so we wouldn’t imagine a lot of wrong things. 

In this way, the efficiency of sharing information and the easy access via their phone helped everyone to keep calm and stay updated on the status of the critical situation. 

If you want to know how more of our customers succeed with their communication app, you are only one click away from wisdom.