Løgismose Meyers: Advice On Adopting a Communication Platform

In 2015 Løgismose and Meyers joined forces to create one of Denmark’s leading food companies with the aim to strengthen the good Danish food culture.

Løgismose Meyers x Relesys (+Subtitles)

Simplifying internal communication with a communication platform

Løgismose Meyers’ digital communication platform has been live for almost a year now and we invited HR Director at Løgismose Meyers, Lisbet Steen, to elaborate on how their journey has been.

Following the merge of the two companies, the Relesys app was implemented and is the first common communication platform that unifies the new company.

The app is a major step towards creating one united company because it streamlines and simplifies internal communication processes at Løgismose Meyers.


Targeted information 

Before the app, it was difficult to reach all of Løgismose Meyers' 1.400 employees, especially the non-desk workers who haven't access to a computer during their workday.

The app has helped to bridge the gap from HQ to all the employees and target the right information to the right employee.

Another focus with the app has been to educate the employees on all the different procedures in the food industry such as hygiene, behavior, security, quality, and much more.

After implementing the communication platform the employees are now updated on the necessary procedures and they get the information they need.


How to implement the app

HR Director at Løgismose Meyers, Lisbet Steen, shares her first-hand insights and experiences with the communication platform. Lisbet mentions three perspectives to be aware of for a successful implementation:

  • One dedicated person
  • Patience - it's not happening overnight
  • Support from the management team

Watch the video to get Lisbet's both professional and personal advice on how new potential clients can adapt their company communication platform in the best way possible in order to achieve a coherent and efficient implementation of the app.

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