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Jan 04, 2021

Video: Make Employee Onboarding Exciting with Gamification

Learn how you can make your employee onboarding experience exciting by introducing elements from gamification to increase both productivity and retention.

Video: Featuring a woman with blonde hair and a blue shirt talking about how to make employee onboarding exciting through gamification

Want to learn the key to increasing both employee productivity and retention? The answer is to create an engaging and interactive onboarding journey for all your new hires. And how can do you that? Well, through gamification.


Let Viktoria, our Project Manager for the Relesys Sweden team explain.


Make Onboarding Exciting for your new hires

Today’s new generation of workers wants more than just a monthly paycheck or a place to work. They want to be involved in your organization, aligned with its vision, and feel a sense of purpose in their work and your company. For this younger generation, they view employment as a two-sided partnership.


Yet so many organizations are just not getting it right. To encourage your employee’s development and secure high-level growth, you need to be engaging your new hires from day one.


Many onboarding programs still consist of a bunch of paperwork and ineffective training programs. And others don’t consist of anything at all. It’s time to make your onboarding fun through gamification!


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The secret behind a successful onboarding process

When we say gamification, we don’t mean gaming consoles. It’s more about taking certain elements from video games like points and scoring to create an interactive and more hands-on approach to training.


So, what does a successful gamified onboarding program look like? Well, it entails linking business goals with:


  • Development
  • Frequent feedback
  • Progress tracking
  • Achievements
  • Rewards

Introducing competitive elements like points, scores, and rankings into your employee onboarding program is a way for your employees to feel acknowledged for their efforts and physically see their work in progress.


Your new hires will feel more confident in their role and well equipped for the working journey ahead of them. This not only boosts their work levels but also their overall work satisfaction.


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Gamification is such a successful feature of the onboarding process because it breaks down the overwhelming new hire experience and turns it into a manageable and easy-to-follow journey for all employees.


Learn more about how Relesys can help you digitize your onboarding processes.

Leah is Relesys's eternally-organized Marketing Campaign Manager. She sometimes moonlights as a globetrotting amateur photographer.

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