Maxi Zoo: A One Point of Contact Communication Platform

With the Relesys Platform, Maxi Zoo gathered all their communication in one platform and their execution rate is now going up day by day.

Maxi Zoo x Relesys (+Subtitles)

The Importance of Great Internal Communication

Maxi Zoo was challenged on how to reach all of their employees and stores the same way. Campaigns, news, on-boarding and other informations were depending on the quality of the store manager or the area manager. 

The CEO at Maxi ZOO Denmark, Bo Demant, is convinced that the employees want to do as good as possible at their job, but they need the right communication tool to easily seek information:

The main reason for introducing the app was a huge information flow going to the stores in a really not structured way.


Before Maxi Zoo developed their internal Relesys Communication Platform, the employees got information from their store managers or on a printed sheet.

Now they have everything they need right in their pockets and it’s always 100% updated.


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The Benefits of a One Point of Contact Platform

Bo Demant regards the communication platform as an investment in the employees and in the business:

It’s hard for us to see the downside.


He’s excited about the high activity on the app and the increased productivity. Below he lists four benefits as results of implementing the app:

  • Fluctuation rate has gone down
  • Execution rate has gone up
  • Quality has gone up
  • Sales have gone up

Make Your Employees Feel confident 

Bo Demant wants Maxi Zoo’s employees to be 100% focused on the customers. It’s important to him that the employees feel confident when approaching the customer to provide the best service possible.

He expresses how the training modules in the app has helped the non-desk workers to be equipped for their work tasks and feel comfortable with product knowledge.

Katja, Store Manager at Maxi Zoo, has also experienced a positive effect with the employees after implementing the communication app: 

Every part-timer I have, they are thrilled about the app.


The employees feel that it’s easier for them to come to work, and to be up to speed about what’s happening in the store. Information is much more accessible because now the employees only need to seek information in one place.

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