Maxi Zoo: A Communication Platform That Increases Execution and Sales

How do you ensure to reach all your employees with just the right amount of information to make them feel well informed, but not so much that they risk feeling over-informed?

Finding the right balance is an art form.

To Maxi Zoo the perfect balance was a communication platform, that enabled them to structure their communication flows resulting in increased execution, sales, and a higher level of quality.

Maxi Zoo x Relesys (+Subtitles)

When we first met Maxi Zoo they were challenged on how to reach all their employees and stores with communication and information in the same way. They had huge flows of information going out to the stores in a very unstructured way. Campaigns, news, and onboarding material often didn’t reach the employees on the floor, because they were only accessible on printed paper in the back office.

Their communication was dependent on the individual store manager’s skills and ability to convey the information to the rest of the staff. Therefore, they couldn’t secure the same level of quality across all their stores which caused a high fluctuation rate.

Maxi Zoo experienced that the unstructured communication was affecting the employees’ level of execution and sales because they weren’t updated with the latest news, campaigns, and products.

To Bo Demand, the CEO at Maxi Zoo, it was crystal clear. They needed to solve this.



Bo Demand trusts that his employees and is convinced that everyone wants to deliver 5-star customer service, but they can only do so if they have the right tools. He explains:

“I truly believe that my employees want to do as good a job as possible.”


With the communication platform, the employees have a communication tool that structures the communication flows and makes information accessible to everyone. In this way, the communication is no longer dependent on the individual store manager, and Maxi Zoo can thereby ensure the same level of information and quality across all their stores.

The platform makes the information easily accessible because the employees now have everything they need right by their fingertips and the content is always 100% updated and relevant.

Bo Demant regards the communication platform as an investment in Maxi Zoo’s employees and the business. He elaborates:

“It’s hard for us to see the downside.”


And it is hard to see the downside of the results of Maxi Zoo’s communication platform. After implementing the app they’ve experienced that:


  • The fluctuation rate has gone down
  • The execution rate has gone up
  • Quality has gone up
  • Sales have gone up



Bo Demant wants Maxi Zoo’s employees to be 100% focused on the customers. It’s important to him that the employees feel confident when approaching the customer to be able to provide the best service possible.

He expresses how the training module in the app has helped the non-desk workers to feel equipped for their work tasks and gained more product knowledge, which has made them more confident.

Katja, a Store Manager at Maxi Zoo, has also experienced a positive effect with the employees after implementing the communication app. She says:

“Every part-timer I have, they are thrilled about the app.”


The employees feel that it’s easier for them to come to work because they’re updated on what’s going on in the store. With their all-in-one platform, they have everything gathered in one place and can therefore focus 100% on the customer and the service their offering.


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