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Jun 09, 2020

The Empowering Partnership Between Microsoft And Relesys

We are excited to announce that Relesys is one of the first Microsoft ISV Strategic Partners in Scandinavia.

Relesys Microsoft Gold Partner

For both Microsoft and Relesys, it's all about being customer obsessed and bringing more value to the shared customers. This article explains the story of Relesys and Microsoft approaching customers hand in hand. 

Microsoft As a Strategic Partner

At the beginning of 2020, Microsoft and Relesys announced a strategic partnership, with the intention to digitally transform the retail industry.

At Relesys we are targeting global enterprise companies and we have a strong value proposition within the retail segment which has already been proven in the Danish market.

Microsoft delivers a state of the art cloud platform and combined with Relesys’ state of the art employee platform magic happens. Microsoft is supporting Relesys with advanced technologies out of the Azure cognitive services:

  • Machine learning
  • AI
  • Expert knowledge

Through this expanded partnership we are enable to bring scalable and high performance software to retailers globally.

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The Partnership Between Relesys and Microsoft

From the very beginning, we wanted to build our software on a platform that would allow us to release our product to the market quickly. It was important for us to have the ability to scale from day one and have an ‘eco-system’ that enabled covering everything from writing codes to managing operations.

All this we found in Microsoft Azure Cloud services. It was a strategic decision to build our software on Azure, because of the possibilities it provides. Together with our modern approach, we can have close co-operations with our clients and create new features to our platform.

This partnership, therefore, has a positive effect on our shared customers and it takes form in at least two essential areas:

  1. First of all, Microsoft can support Relesys in using advanced technology in our software solution.
  2. Secondly, it’s also about supporting each other in getting a global, high performance and cost-efficient application, that will bring even more value to our customers. 

You Get The Best of Both Worlds

Today’s customers are demanding uniqueness and they have high expectations. Therefore, it's not enough just bringing the platform to the customers. Together Microsoft and Relesys have a strong value proposition to offer their customers. 

The customer can count on Microsoft to be responsible for taking care of the platform, and making sure it’s secure and compliant.

Relesys brings extra value consisting of an understanding of the business through our marriage strategy. This means we engage with our clients and we know their needs and their pains.

Together it’s a perfect match and we can cultivate the customer obsession that's essential for both the companies.


The Ultimate Goal 

For both Microsoft and Relesys, the ultimate goal is to make our clients successful. We are always aiming to make our clients as successful as possible because if a client or customer isn't successful, they will choose another supplier. 

Focussing on ensuring their success is essential for both of us because our success is depending on nothing else than our client’s success. 

We are proud to become one of the first Microsoft ISV Strategic Partners in Scandinavia and we look forward continuing to build on the foundation, that we have already have established.

Leah is Relesys's eternally-organized Marketing Campaign Manager. She sometimes moonlights as a globetrotting amateur photographer.

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