Netto: Employee Engagement Is Key To a SucceSsful Business

With the Relesys employee engagement app, Netto found a way to communicate and engage with their employees on a day to day basis.

Netto x Relesys (+Subtitles)

Make it fun to engage With your employees

With employees under eighteen you are competing for their attention alongside social media. So how do you make it fun to check work schedules, read practical information, and stay updated with company guidelines?

The CEO at Netto Group International, Michael Løve, emphasizes that the gamification element in their Relesys App is one of the key factors to their success in engaging their employees under eighteen:

We are competing for their attention alongside Netflix, Facebook, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and whatever. So we need to have something that also engages them through actually helping them.


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Gamification creates employee engagement

With the gamification dimension in the app, the employees earn points if they read certain information or take an online course within the app. It also makes the product catalog easy accessible for the employees so they are aligned with news and campaigns.

Emil is a sales manager in one of Netto’s stores and uses it multiple times every day:

It's more fun and easy to seek information

The gamification element works both as a motivational and social factor. The employees are battling against each other in the stores to earn points.

The competition is not just between the colleagues. The battling concept is also existing for the different stores and for districts against districts. 


All in one communication tool 

The app is a practical communication tool that makes it possible to reach the employees on a day to day basis. 

After implementing the app HQ now reaches 99,8% of all Netto stores pr. week. Store Manager, Niclas, feels that he has a much better sense of perspective with the daily news and information from HQ:

I just get the feeling that I’m hands-on with what is going on


The CEO, Michael Løve, fundamentally believes that job satisfaction is connected to employee engagement. He is convinced that if you’re not engaged with the company you’re working for, then you’re probably not offering the best customer service possible. 

So what is the key to a successful business? Michael Løve’s answer is clear: Employee engagement!


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