Netto: Employee Engagement Is Key To a Successful Business

We’re seeing a worldwide employee engagement crisis: 85 % of employees globally are disengaged in their workplace. This causes a headache for hundreds and thousands of companies since disengaged employees are the bottom line’s worst enemy.  

Though, some companies have managed to crack the code to employee engagement. One of them is Netto.

With the Relesys employee engagement app, Netto found a way to make it both easy and fun for their non-desk workers to stay well-informed and skilled in customer service. 

Netto x Relesys (+Subtitles)


I fundamentally believe that if you’re not engaged at all in the company you work for, then you’re probably not enjoying your job as much, and you’re certainly not offering the customer service that we hope to offer our customers.” 


When we met the CEO of Netto Group International, Michael Løve, he wanted to ensure more engagement among his staff. However, he also knew the challenge that was lying ahead. When you have employees under the age of 18, it's difficult to be just as interesting and an everyday friend like social media: 

We are competing for their attention alongside Netflix, Facebook, Snapchat, and Tik Tok. So, we need to have something that also engages them through actually helping them.”


More precisely, Michael Løve knew that he had to find a way to make it fun to check work schedules, read practical information, and stay updated with company guidelines. For some, it may sound like a mission impossible, but Michael Løve had an eye-opener:   

We decided to develop an app.  


And it was a clever decision: Michael Løve explains that the gamification element in their app is one of the key factors to Netto’s success in engaging their young employees. 



Thanks to the gamified features in the app, the employees earn points when they read information or take an online course within the app. 

The gamification element also works as a work motivation and social reward since the employees are competing against each other in the stores to earn points. And for that reason, Michael Løve is certain where he sees the app’s potential:  

I think that combination has been extremely strong.”  


He further explains that the competition is not just between the one employee and his or her closest colleagues. The healthy competition concept also exists for the different stores and districts against districts. 



The app is a practical communication tool that makes it possible to reach the employees with updates and news, offers, and campaigns on a day-to-day basis.  

After launching the app, HQ has managed to reach 99,8% of all Netto stores every week. Store Manager Niclas feels that he has a bird’s eye view of the daily news and information from HQ:

I just get the feeling that I’m hands-on with what is going on. 


His colleague Emil, who’s a sales manager, agrees. He’s also a living proof of the potential that Michael Løve immediately saw in the app since Emil tells us why he uses the app many times every day:  

It's more fun and easier to seek information.    


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