Peak Performance: A Communication App That Drives Culture And Sales

Anja Borg
August 9, 2018

Peak Performance was founded in the heart of the Swedish mountains on a love of sports and the great outdoors. The company hasn’t just conquered the slopes, they have managed to build a global reputation for the brand that now has 48 retail and outlet stores around the world and 460 team members of the Peak family.

Relesys and Peak Performance started collaborating in 2016 and have ever since had a partnership that is fuelled by curiosity, creativity, and ambition. We are thrilled to share the story of the project Peak Performance is currently carrying out through their app – it is called “The exception” and it is truly exceptional.

PeakPerformance x Relesys (+Subtitles)


We had the pleasure of having a talk with Joel Eriksson, HR Business Partner at Peak Performance, at our headquarter in Copenhagen where he elaborated on Peak Performance’s internal strategy with ‘The Exception’.

We want to be different when it comes to customer service and culture. We want to be the exception from the rest of the business. The long term goal is of course to sell more products but the main focus along the way is to create a culture that embraces diversity in our stores. We believe it all starts with the culture of the company and the way we interact with each other and our customers.


The exception

The landscape of the retail industry is continuously changing based on the shifts in consumer demands. Many customers are moving their purchases from physical stores to online platforms and Peak Performance has no doubt that this is changing the game for customer service in physical stores. The competitive mindset and eagerness to conquer every challenge are driving Peak Performance to stay on top of the game and ‘The exception’ is a key element in the game plan.

The exception was launched in June this year and was kicked off with a range of employee workshops. The idea was to start off by focusing on creativity and diversity in the teams and use that as a foundation for the sales training in the app.

We have had sales training before, a very corporate kind of training. But we are not like that. We believe it is key that our people reach out to consumers in their own personal way because everyone is different. We are all about delivering a feeling and an experience to our customers, Joel Eriksson states.


People are what makes a culture flourish, so we reached out to Adam and Samuel, who both work at the Peak Performance’s stores, to get their perspective on what it is like to work with the exception of the app.

I think the app and The exception is a great way of communicating. It just glues the whole company together. Everyone is now focused on the fact that it is important to heighten the experience you get, when you walk into a Peak Performance store. It’s not just about trying on the garments. You really have to make it better, make it personalised, says Adam Hestner, Sales Assistant at Peak Performance.


The exception is a customized module in the Peak Performance app that is designed to strengthen the personalized development and sales training for every employee.

I think it is awesome that everyone shouldn’t be the same when they make a sale. You should put time and effort into the things you are really good at. That is one of the things The exception is bringing to our work. It is really cool that the project is global as well and that we all follow the same steps through the app, Samuel Helmerson states.


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At the Peak of Performance

Doing things differently has always been a deeply rooted part of the DNA in Peak Performance. The exception is a great example of that and we are so proud to work with a partner, that brings this level of ambition into their work with the app. The most encouraging part of it all is to see the great results that come with it.

You start to analyse your sales behaviour and how you greet customers. You really have something to lean on, once you start to think about how we work with the exception. Know your stuff, know every step of the sale and most importantly lean on being yourself and lean on your colleagues, says Adam Hestner.


Relesys believes that when you focus on growing the people within your business it will give results for the performance level of the business. Peak Performance is showcasing best practices at their highest and we are beyond impressed with their efforts and accomplishments.

Our people are talking about the exception and are feeding diversity. They are thinking about how they want to built their team with focus on how to compliment each other. It encourages them to be more aware of their store’s impact on the business as a whole, especially through the KPIs that are easy to read through the app. It makes our people more business focused and motivated to beat the budgets every day, says Joel Eriksson, HR Business Partner in Peak Performance.


The exception is an exceptional project and we have no doubt it will keep the company at the peak of performance:

The Exception for us is a culture project but it’s also a sales tool for our retail salesmen to be able to deliver excellent service. The app has been a really good tool for us to spread this out, Joel Eriksson ends.


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