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Everboarding - let's make it long-term

The sustained growth of a company is defined by how employees are engaged, trained, and developed beyond their initial onboarding. But recent retail insights reveal the hard truth: half of all hourly workers leave their jobs within the first 120 days. This turnover disrupts business operations and imposes significant costs associated with replacing employees at all levels. 

Our first blog post of these series helped you nail your "pre-boarding" strategy. Today, we look into how to keep employees motivated, engaged, and happy beyond their initial 120 days in the company by shifting your approach from onboarding to everboarding, nurturing a culture of curiosity and learning, and ultimately creating a loyal and productive workforce.

The new rules of engagement 

What drives the post-honeymoon period churn? Working on the shop floor is not easy: repetitive tasks, outdated technology, and demanding customers are only some factors contributing to the stress that permeates the day-to-day lives of retail employees. You will need a mixed approach to tackle these challenges and foster a workplace that retains its people, helping them stay happy at work. 

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Studies show that retention strategies should focus not only on competitive remuneration but also on meaningful work, flexible working options, recognition, and opportunities for career advancement. These elements are the foundation for transforming a job into a career, transforming the workplace into a community where achievements are celebrated and employees' voices are heard.

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Relesys training element has enabled us to put really good training into people’s hand so they’re are able to access that 365 days a year. We’re getting incredible level of usage and engagement. We have between 95-100% of people using it every week and the data tell us they’re loving it.

Richard Owens




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Keep it evergreen

An emerging trend in the US is called everboarding. Everboarding is the continuous cycle of onboarding and training tailored to an employee's evolving needs. It's a strategy that recognizes the diversity of skill sets and needs among employees, offering tailor-made approaches to suit different people.

Practical everboarding tips

Implementing everboarding requires a blend of strategic vision and practical actions. Here are actionable tactics that retailers can deploy to ensure their everboarding process is as effective as possible:   

1 Reinforce fundamentals

Focus on the essentials that keep a store running smoothly. Are the aisles spotless? Are shelves stocked neatly? Having a system to do regular check-ins is vital for operational success, and clear guidelines will help you ensure consistency in the performance of these tasks.

2 Gamify operational tasks

Introduce elements like scoring systems for everyday retail tasks, such as health and safety checks for store opening. Employees can earn points for completing these tasks swiftly and accurately, with monthly leaderboards and rewards for top performers. This makes routine work more engaging while driving productivity and excellence on the shop floor. 

3 Prioritize continuous skill development

Integrate ongoing training with the latest trends and developments in retail and tech. You can offer workshops to introduce employees to the newest point-of-sale systems or customer service techniques in line with the current retail landscape.

4 Craft-tailored learning paths

Identify employees' strengths and career goals creating personalized journeys with dedicated career planning resources, such as one-on-one mentorship programs, to guide employees toward their long-term professional objectives within your company. 

5 Establish feedback loops

Set up a system where retail employees can regularly contribute their insights and feedback. For instance, use a digital suggestion box that allows staff to submit ideas for improving customer service or streamlining store operations.

6 Develop recognition programs

Celebrate your employees for their milestones and contributions. You can do that by introducing a rewards program that recognizes outstanding customer service or operational efficiency with progress badges, attainment credits, gifts, or vouchers. These moments of recognition elevate morale and cultivate an environment where striving for excellence is the norm.



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Your brand is your people

The retail industry stands at a crossroads where the traditional paths of employee engagement are no longer enough. The transition from onboarding to ongoing development through strategies like everboarding represents a forward-thinking approach to retaining talent and nurturing a workforce that is engaged, skilled, and aligned with the company's goals.




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