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Your people, your heroes

The average tenure in retail in the US is around the two-year mark, and employee retention beyond the six-month mark is quite an achievement. While retaining employees is essential, it's even more important to do so by nurturing them and turning them into mentors, advocates, and, ultimately, brand ambassadors. This north star of HR strategies is more pertinent than ever in an age where young talent is redefining career paths and success. Going from new hire to brand advocate in retail requires thoughtful development, beginning with pre-boarding and evolving through everboarding. This post explores how companies can inspire and empower employees to champion the brand both internally with colleagues and externally with customers.

Lasting engagement

With 60% of teens preferring to start their own business rather than settling for a "regular job", retail employers now face a unique challenge when attracting young talent. Understanding this mindset is critical to transforming retail jobs from perceived stopgaps into coveted careers, reshaping career propositions to resonate with Gen Z's desire to align their passions and professions. 

An easy way to do this is to embrace digital communication. You can start by turning employees into internal brand ambassadors and evolving them into external brand ambassadors. Employees who feel heard and valued will likely become internal influencers, driving positive culture and knowledge-sharing. In fact, according to recent research, their voice is considered more credible than a CEO's. With the right encouragement and training, employees can also become external ambassadors, shaping public perception and enhancing brand visibility. 

Danish retailer Carl Ras, has used Relesys to nurture team connection and drive loyalty by creating an online community for employees to interact with each another to answer questions, solve problems, and socialize. 

Working with a human-centric approach has always been important for us at Carl Ras. We don't just focus on the tasks our employees perform but on understanding how to enhance their entire experience within our company. We've seen a remarkable increase in engagement and loyalty as a result.

Steen Demskov 



Turning your people into brand heroes 

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Cultivate internal brand ambassadors

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Empower external brand ambassadors

1 Bridge the gap

Bridge the gap between internal ambassadors and marketing by offering your ambassadors opportunities to collaborate with the communications team, harnessing their insider knowledge and passion in a way that resonates with customers. 

2 Engage in online communities

Engage in online communities and empower employees to connect with customers by responding to online reviews and participating in social media discussions. This direct interaction can enhance brand perception and customer loyalty. 

3 Produce authentic content

Produce authentic content that helps and informs customers, such as new product range showcases, explainer videos, or sharing behind-the-scenes looks. This content, grounded in the employee's genuine experience and expertise, can be incredibly engaging to your audience. 

4 Incentivize engagement

Incentivize engagement by introducing a content award or other forms of recognition for employees who create compelling, customer-focused content, motivating your team and ensuring a steady stream of authentic and engaging content.


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Walmart's initiative of turning employees into TikTok influencers is a prime example of how to empower your workforce to create authentic content that amplifies your brand's reach and appeal, especially among younger workers. 

Investing in the development of your employees as internal influencers and external brand ambassadors can unlock a powerful resource for building brand loyalty and enhancing customer engagement. It's a great way to leverage your team's unique perspectives and talents while fostering a culture of appreciation and collaboration.  




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