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May 18, 2022

Retailers Gather Around Danish IT-solution

Retail Now: The Danish IT-company, Relesys, has gotten a lot of attention from some of Denmark’s biggest retailers and they're only getting started.

CEO & Co-Founder at Relesys, Jesper Roesgaard

In just a few years the Co-Founders Jesper Roesgaard (in the picture) and Jens Ole Lebeck have created a digital communication platform, Relesys, that’s being used by a lot of danish retail concerns.


This article is originally published in Retail News by Peter Munk Simonsen in Danish.


A Danish IT-company with great ambitions has gotten a lot of attention from some of the biggest retailers in Denmark.


In a few years the partners, Jesper Roesgaard and Jens Ole Lebeck, have created a digital communication platform, Relesys, that’s being used by Bestseller, Salling Group, Søstrene Grene, Normal, Specsavers, and Matas among others. 


During the Covid-19 pandemic Relesys has been busier than ever, and Relesys platform is now supporting more than 17.000 stores in 84 countries. 

Things are happening very fast and we’re just getting started. The potential for a company like ours is huge, and right now we’re pitching to some of the largest brands in the world. Our goal is to scale internationally, says CEO and Co-Founder Jesper Roesgaard. 


Netto gathered all their communication in one place 

The Relesys Platform makes it possible to communicate, train and distribute knowledge to all employees because they only need an app to access the platform. 


In Netto, thousands of employees use the app, My Netto, which Relesys has customized for them. Here the employees get important information, tasks, videos and small e-learning sessions.


Insights: Watch the Relesys case study with Netto here

Our main goal is to provide our employees with relevant information within one place. Before the Relesys Platform we used a very limited intranet on the computers in the stores, but that’s not the way to reach a 17-year-old store assistant. With the platform we can reach our young employees much more effective than earlier, says Coordinator and Team Leader at Netto, Birgitte Danielsen.


Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s been crucial for retailers to be able to reach all their employees within a short amount of time, coordinating and initiating new guidelines. 

Here the app has really shown its strength and it still does. We must be able to adjust and quickly share important information to all employees regarding new initiatives, says Birgitte Danielsen. 


A “really outdated” business 

With the Relesys App, HQ and management can track the employee's activity and interaction with the information that's sent out. 

The app is customized to individual profiles depending on who’s logging in. We gather all information in one place, so you don’t have to seek information in several places like Facebook-group, texts and emails, says Jesper Roesgaard. 


Jesper Roesgaard and Jens Ole Lebeck founded Relesys back in 2014. They wanted to reach the retail industry, which in Jesper’s own words was “really outdated”. And they succeeded with that. 


Today Relesys develops apps for some of the biggest retailers in Denmark and has just signed a big American cosmetic concern. 

Adjusting expenditure after income 

Relesys has made money from day one and in 2019 the company grew its license income by 65%. 

We’re not using more than we make, and right now we’re investing heavily in our company and in our employees. Therefor we’re not making a big profit in 2020, says Jesper Roesgaard. 


Without external financing, he and co-founder Jens Ole Lebeck have built a business with 55 employees and more than 100 clients distributed to 84 countries. But soon they will need a new co-owner. 

When you adjust your expenditure after your income and want to scale fast, you need external financing. Therefore, we might need to find a venture capital from someone with the right knowhow, says Jesper Roesgaard. 


If you're interested in learning more about the Relesys Platform and what it can do for your company book a demo here.

Leah is Relesys's eternally-organized Marketing Campaign Manager. She sometimes moonlights as a globetrotting amateur photographer.

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