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Siteimprove: Bridging Offices & Connecting People

Anja Borg
November 16, 2018

Siteimprove is a fast-growing Danish software company on a global mission to make the web better for all. Highly purpose-driven since they embarked on their journey back in 2003, the company provides public organizations and private companies with everything they need to effectively turn their website into the asset it was meant to be.

The company has mushroomed into a global organization with +500 employees and offices in 14 countries around the world. The company has experienced double digit growth for six years straight, and nearly 15 new employees are currently joining local offices around the world every month.

Relesys has worked with Siteimprove to create an internal communication app empowering employees to stay connected and informed as the company continues to grow across continents.


One shared platform to stay connected and informed

As Siteimprove scales, the complexity of the organization and the product it delivers is growing, and so is the call for effective internal communication across departments, countries, and time zones. This recently led Relesys to a close collaboration to create an app solution empowering all Siteimprovers to communicate and stay connected throughout the entire organization.

We met with Conny Plank, Global Internal Communication Specialist, and Emil Wulff, Communications Officer, to get firsthand insights into why transparent internal communication is the linchpin of keeping the culturally diverse Siteimprove community happy and how their recently launched app can help them get the job done.

The tech industry is notoriously known for examples of communication breakdowns that have prevented promising start-ups from succeeding. Suddenly things got too big or grew too fast, people were left out in the dark in terms of what was going on, and employee buy-in suffered. This is the bullet we’re trying to dodge in a savvy way, says Conny.


While a key part of this effort is to improve the way management communicates the corporate strategy and priorities, the company also needed a smarter platform to share news and stories from the Siteimprove world to convey the vision and values of the company to bring employees closer together.

Ultimately our goal is to help employees understand our vision, mission, values, and culture to forge a distinct sense of community. But we also want to keep communication flowing between management and employees. People need to understand where we are headed, why we have chosen this direction, and even more important, how they fit into the puzzle and can help in their daily job,” says Conny, and adds: We’re very excited about the new Siteimprove app we’ve developed with Relesys as we believe it will make a big difference.


So far, Siteimprove has been using different platforms to communicate things, which made it difficult for employees to find the right piece of information without having to trawl through a long list of different channels.

It’s time-consuming, tedious, and it leaves a feeling of being cut off from what’s going on in the organization. To ward off frustration and keep communication smooth, it was a very conscious decisions for us to go for an internal communication app. We can share all corporate updates in the same place, which allows us to connect all Siteimprovers around the globe to the same corporate news at the same time. Everything can be found with a click of a button, Conny states.


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Accessibility is not just a corporate mission, it’s a worldwide vision

An important part of Siteimprove’s value proposition is to help customers build websites that are accessible to all people, including people with disabilities and the elderly. “Promoting digital accessibility stretches beyond our business objectives, it is a broader transformational purpose that brings the Siteimprove team together across continents, countries, and departments”, says Emil.

Siteimprove’s CSR work focuses on improving accessibility and inclusion on the web, and the company facilitates a wide range of activities to both create awareness and educate people about accessibility.

We want our employees to be able to identify with our goals“, says Emil, and continues: We have previously been challenged on how to share current CSR initiatives and achievements internally. The app is a great way for us to boost internal engagement, which is one of the goals in the context of our CSR strategy. We want our people to be aware of what we are doing, and more importantly we want them to take part.


In Relesys we cherish partnerships that fuels innovation and sharing of knowledge. Due to our collaboration with Siteimprove we have advanced our software in order to make our apps more accessible for all. We are very proud of our collaboration with Siteimprove and can’t wait to follow their journey with the app.

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