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6 Employee Engagement Strategies You Can Implement Now

In this article, we dive into six strategies you can implement to improve employee engagement in your business today.

Where do you start when it comes to engaging your employees? And which employee engagement strategy is the most efficient for your business?

In this article, we dive into six strategies you can implement to improve employee engagement in your business today.


1. Employee Feedback program

If you want to engage your employees, you have to make them feel like a part of your organization. They need to know that you value their input and care about what they have to say.

Adopting an employee feedback program is a great way to stay in tune with your employees’ opinions. With the Relesys platform, you can easily build a feedback program, or a survey if you would like that.

Surveys give your company both quantitative and qualitative insight into what your employees are thinking about your business, work routines, etc. This data makes it easier for you to sort through feedback and create actionable responses for your employees.


2. Brainstorming Sessions

Every single one of your employees offer something unique to your business. However, not every employee has the chance to voice their ideas to management.

They may be too shy to volunteer their pitch or can’t find the right time to bring it up. Maybe they work remotely and don’t have any interference with management on a daily basis.

This is where brainstorming sessions can pool together your team’s knowledge and produce groundbreaking solutions.

Brainstorming sessions doesn't have to be complex. You can hold quarterly or bi-quarterly meetings that are open to all employees. Here, employees can pitch new ideas and collaborate on approved projects across departments and teams.

This will give your employees the chance to provide their own contribution to your business and work on something that they are truly passionate about.


3. Team Contests and Competitions

One quickfire way to get your employees engaged could be hosting a contest. Set a goal and offer a reward for the employee or team that achieves it first.

With a Relesys communication platform, you have access to gamification elements as a part of your customized employee app. You can reward your employees with points for every interaction they have in the platform. For example, your employees will get points whenever they log into the platform, when they swipe on a news post from the HQ or finish a training or onboarding module.

As long as the reward is worth the investment, employees will work their hardest to earn enough points to win the prize.

At Illum you can win a gift if you’re in the top 10 of the most engaged employees. Every month the employees inspire, motivate, and engage each other throughout the internal competition.


4. Volunteer Training

Skills play an important role in your employee’s career development, and you must focus on building a culture where people focus more on developing their professional skills rather than earning money.

In the long run, this will lead to happier employees because they have the resources and experience needed to achieve their aspirations.

You can empower employees at your business by hosting volunteer training in your employee communication platform. A lot of our customers host both onboarding training and skills training in their employee app with positive feedback and results.


5. Guest Speakers

In some cases, your employees can be inspired by an external source. If you have access to a person or motivational speaker your employees admire and emulates, invite that person to host a speak in your organization. Provide them with a topic you would like to see covered and let them talk about it to your employees in-depth.

This is a great way to outline the path that your employees need to take to achieve professional success.


6. Corporate Culture Committee

Adopting one or two of the strategies above will certainly drive some immediate engagement. However, to drive long-term employee engagement, you need to make a real investment in your corporate culture.

A corporate culture committee is a great place to start when building your team culture. Assign your best employees to this committee and make them identify the most significant problems your team is facing. They’ll act as the glue between management and the rest of the team when it comes to enacting internal changes.

Leah is Relesys's eternally-organized Marketing Campaign Manager. She sometimes moonlights as a globetrotting amateur photographer.

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