Specsavers: Driving Performance and Employee Engagement Digitally

How can you ensure your employees have access to the most up-to-date information and training to ensure they properly perform in their daily operations? You implement an all-in-one digital solution to combine communications, training, and operations into one accessible platform.


Proper employee communication and training are integral to performance, engagement, and retention. In fact, employees who feel they cannot achieve their career goals through limited (or non-existent) training are 12 times more likely to consider leaving their company.


That’s a lot of wasted time and lost resources, especially considering how long some recruitment processes can be.


And what about the benefits of training? Indeed states that companies with a strong focus on internal communications and training can see increased productivity and performance, consistent work processes, boosted morale, higher retention rates, and a better work environment for all employees.


Seeing as 84% of employees in best-performing organizations are getting the training they need to perform their roles, compared to only 16% in the worst-performing companies, the statistics speak for themselves.


Enter Specsavers.

Specsavers x Relesys


Specsavers and Louis Nielsen Northern Europe were looking for a solution to improve their internal training processes. With 460+ stores in 5 countries and over 5,000 employees, they needed to make sure all employees were receiving consistent and relevant communications and training.


This is where Relesys comes in. Our all-in-one communications, training, and operation platform ticked all their boxes, allowing them to reach, engage and unite their workforce.


Why Relesys?


Before Relesys, Specsavers was relying on outdated and disparate employee engagement and learning systems that required in-person training. Processes were complicated, costly, and ineffective.


Specsavers wanted to change. And the solution was to streamline all processes into one place to improve employee engagement and experience.

“The more engaged a workforce, the faster the business goes – it’s really simple,” Richard Owens, Retail and Operations Director, Specsavers Northern Europe.


Creating Consistent and Cost-effective training


Specsavers has moved from being exclusively desktop-based to a mobile-first mindset. Initially, they believed their employees did not want to communicate and train on their own devices. But since the introduction of the Relesys platform, they could not be more wrong.


Digitizing training processes has helped Specsavers make training accessible for all employees. Lessons can now be accessed at any time, anywhere in the world, just with their mobile phones.


And the outcome? The number of training sessions completed has risen from single digits to more than 90% each month.


Richard Owens, Retail and Operations Director of Specsavers Northern Europe states...

“We’ve never done more training than we do now the level of engagement with our training module is incredible.


Connecting the WHY with the HOW


Not only that, as an agile and adaptive organization, Specsavers needs to make internal adjustments quickly and all employees must be properly informed.


The Relesys platform allows Specsavers to use the communication modules to inform and update their employees of the “why”, while the training modules help connect the “why” with the “how”. This ensures everyone is informed and a high level of consistency is maintained company-wide.

“The Relesys platform gives us the ability to explain the why through consistent communication and connect it with the how through training…Relesys has been a massive part in our success” 


Partnership Collaboration


Specsavers pride themselves on being a partnership-minded business, with collaboration at the core of what they do. At Relesys, we share the same values. That’s why we worked with Specsavers to create, test, and implement a bespoke solution that solves all their problems.


Beginning with the communication and training modules, Specsavers has now discovered more possibilities within the platform. This has led to further collaborative efforts to ensure the platform is tailored to suit all their needs.


Upon learning of the wide array of integrations the platform supports, Specsavers have now placed third-party applications, customer cases, and employee advocacy within their all-in-one app, eliminating extra costs for managing a range of systems.

"We’re finding new opportunities with the Relesys Platform every day to make it better and better, and make peoples’ lives easier and easier,”


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