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Telia: An Employee Engagement App Is a Path Of Possibilities

Signe Bjørklund
October 15, 2017

Telia believes that life is not about finding limitations, but it's about discovering that there might not be any. The Relesys employee engagement app has helped them unlimit their internal communication and make it full of possibilities.

Stay on top with an employee engagement platform

Telia is operating in a highly competitive industry, which requires the company to have a superior performance level. Their employee engagement app is designed to support and motivate all employees to stay on top of their game.

Process & Project Manager in Telia, Gustav Björkman Bentzen, explains the purpose with their app and how it makes important information easily accessible:

Our focus with the app is to provide a source of information that makes the daily work tasks easier and more efficient for our employees.


Before the app Telia's employees had to handle about 5-7 systems to get all the relevant information during a workday in the shops. With the employee app they have all their communication channels united into one communication platform.

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The benefits of employee engagement

The app is bridging the communication gap between HQ and all the employees including non-desk workers.

Dannie Hansen, from the Telia shop in Vejle Bryggen, is very excited about the app and he experiences that the employees are now feeling up to date with campaigns and more confident with their product knowledge:

It is much easier for our employees to meet up and be prepared for work. We have a lot of campaigns, and some of them change from day to day. Before the app we got the news through a computer, and they weren’t always available or easy to keep track of.


The communication platform is not only focused on news, campaigns and product knowledge, it is also focused on connecting people to empower the unity in the teams and the connection across departments.

How can we push it further? 

The solution for the Telia shops has been off to a fantastic start, with high content engagement from all the employees using the app. 

The employees in the Telia shops express that after all information and knowledge has been gathered in one communication platform, they have a much better overview of news and information.

Gustav Björkman Bentzen, Process & Project Manager, feels that they are more cohesive and connected as a company than they were before:

We do not let ourselves be limited by what the communication tools are able to do today. We are going into this collaboration thinking: What can we make of this and how can we push it further? We want to use the app to go even higher on our path of possibilities.


We have no doubt that Telia will thrive through all the ambition and effort they put into the app and we are so excited to be part of the ride.

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