Tiger of Sweden: A Modern IT-Solution That Supports Sales

Signe Bjørklund
November 20, 2020

The Relesys Communication Platform is part of the business strategy of Tiger of Sweden because it supports a high level of intuition and generates employee engagement. 

Relesys x Tiger of Sweden

Pushes the Organization Further

Before implementing The Relesys Communication Platform Tiger of Sweden had different challenges reaching all their employees and stores with information on a daily basis. They were using traditional IT-systems which were quite old and limited in terms of securing a structured internal communication. 

It was important for Tiger of Sweden to make all their employees feel included from HQ to the part time store assistant. By implementing the Relesys App Tiger of Sweden delivers an IT solution that their employees can access from their mobile devices which invites everyone to participate and engage in their internal communication. Rod Kilgour, CIO of Tiger of Sweden, elaborates:

We see that using technology like an app is really lifting our perception in the organization from an IT perspective.


To Rod Kilgour, it's important that the users know the technology because it gives a much higher level of intuition when they are familiar with the technology and use it in their every day life. The App also drives a much higher level of engagement because it consists of social elements known from social media where everyone can like, comment and share a picture or video.

In terms of growth we're able to act like one organization and we're able to generate healthy competition between different stores and different geographies. 


One of Tiger's key usages is sharing their sales KPI's which is visual on a ticker in the app for everyone to see how they are performing against their target goals. It drives motivation to make KPI's available for the entire organization making the employees perform like a team and celebrate shared victories. 


The Relesys Platform is supporting better customer service

The Relesys Platform is a huge part of Tiger of Sweden's strategy about being as close to the customer as possible. The Platform supports a better costumer service because it works as a knowledge bank, giving the entire Tiger Team a wide knowledge about the brand, products, materials and so on, since everything is to be found on the app. VM & Retail Country Manager, Tess Lauritsen explains further:

If a customer ask a question and you don't know the answer, you can just post it in the app and someone from design, production or our sustainability line will answer right away.


In this way, Tiger of Sweden connects their company inviting everyone to educate and develop their skills to provide the best customer service possible. The App bridges the gap between HQ and the stores because everyone can ask questions and reach out for help, so the communication doesn't have to go through the managers.

Before implementing the Relesys App the store managers at Tiger of Sweden used to send out an email newsletter once a week with updates and relevant information. But now they can send out news on daily basis making sure that everybody is always 100% updated and don't have to wait a whole week to get important information.  

Also from a visual merchandise perspective the App is full of possibilities. It's both easy and fast to upload pictures on the app from the different stores and exhibitions to get feedback and inspire each other.


Everyone is equal on the App

The App is inviting to a flat organizational structure because everyone can share information and knowledge equally - from the top management to the part time sales associate. This makes it possible for all employees to cheer and compliment each other's work. In this way acknowledgement don't always have to come from management. 

The App is working as a bridge between HQ and the stores, but it's also a bridge between the different stores, so everyone feels like a part of the big Tiger community and most importantly, that no one feels by themselves. 


To, Tess Lauritsen this is one of the most important aspects. The App supports and creates a positive work culture throughout the entire organization by connecting the company making everyone act like one united organization. 

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