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Why You Need to Make an Employee Survey

It’s essential for your company to get feedback from your employees with a survey before you can implement meaningful actions to improve engagement.

It’s essential for your company to get feedback from your employees before you can implement meaningful actions to improve engagement. An employee survey makes it possible to measure the right data in order to achieve valuable results.

Why Measure Employee Engagement?

A survey is an efficient way to get first-hand insights from your employees. It’s important with feedback from everyone in your company because your employees are the ones who help your company to achieve its overall goals.

Surveys are a great opportunity to give your employees a way to voice their concerns and views. A study from Salesforce shows that employees who feel that they have a voice in their organisation are 4,6 times more likely to feel empowered to do their best work.

Insights from an employee engagement survey can help your organization live up to and aspire employee policies and practices. If your employees feel that they have an actual influence on their daily work task it will drive improved engagement. It’s a simple way to be hands-on with employee needs and what’s going on in the company. 

A study from Gallup shows that engaged employees increases productivity with up to 21%. So when your employees are motivated they are also more engaged in their job. This makes employee engagement an important metric for your company and especially your managers to track, because it has a major influence on the overall performance and productivity level in your organization.


Get Feedback From Your Employees

It’s important to use the feedback from your employees to achieve precise and valuable results. Your employees know best what motivates them and what challenges they meet during a workday.

An employee survey will help you measure the engagement of your employees. It makes it possible for you to analyze data and take action on where to improve the levels of engagement. 

By using an employee engagement survey it will make it easier for you to develop the right strategy from the beginning to increase the engagement of your employees.

Employee Engagement Survey

The Most Important Factors

An employee engagement survey is not just measuring how happy your employees are. It measures how dedicated and motivated your employees are to your company.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. Some might think that is just putting a few questions together, send it out and wait for the results. But for an employee engagement survey, to actually bring value to your company, you need to make a detailed plan of what you want to get out of it.

A good employee engagement survey includes several perspectives that all impact the level of engagement. Some of the most relevant factors to look into are:

  • Leadership behaviour
  • Communication
  • Career development
  • Company pride
  • Internal relations

The factors above are important indicators of the health of your business. By looking into some of these you can spot areas for improvement that will lead to a higher level of employee engagement.



Get Useful Insights With An Employee Survey

When you create the survey, it’s advantageously to include a collection of open-ended and close-ended questions, because you collect both qualitative and quantitative data.

Your engagement survey can not only help you solve exciting challenges within your organization. It can also point out what you’re doing right from the perspective of your employees. To accomplish this, you need to make sure to create relevant survey questions that will provide you with useful insights.

If you don’t measure the right things, the survey won’t matter, because it won’t have a measurable impact on your business' outcome.

Therefore, you must clarify what you want to get out of your study. Identify what themes you want to measure. In this way you can create your questions so they cover and support the relevant areas.

Employee Engagement Survey Insights

Keep It Simple

A long and complex survey will daunt your employees. Keep it simple otherwise you’ll risk that they either won't complete it or will rush through to finish. You must aim to design a survey that your employees can finish within 15 minutes or less.

These 4 steps will help you make a plan for creating an engagement survey:

  1. What do you want to study?
  2. Identify areas for action
  3. Create a plan
  4. Maintain the plan

It’s important to follow up on your survey and be open about the results. Share the insights with everyone in your company. If you do so it will become a collective and unified project instead of just another HQ project.


Create Your Surveys Within The Relesys Platform

It's easy to create a survey in the Relesys app. You can customize almost everything in your survey and design the questions to study your exact needs.

The very first step when creating a survey in the app is of course scheduling how long you want it to be available. Next is deciding if you want your employees to get a notification when you have published it. A notification is a good way to make your employees aware on updates. 

You can also choose whether or not your survey should be anonymous. In the back-end system, you can see all the answers in percentages, so you can measure the data you receive. It's also possible to export all the answers as a CSV file if you really want to dig into the specifics. 

When you create a survey in the app, you must always start with why. Insert a video or a text about what you want to study and why. Another smart function is the different types of questions you can create to assure both qualitative and quantitative data. It's possible to make multiply choice questions, a scale or a text, if you want personal insights.

A popular feature within the Relesys platform is that your employees can achieve points for completing a survey. The point- and high score element is a way to engage your employees with gamification and acknowledging the feedback they give you. 

Leah is Relesys's eternally-organized Marketing Campaign Manager. She sometimes moonlights as a globetrotting amateur photographer.

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