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Best Facebook Workplace Alternative for Your Business

Facebook Workplace's one-size-fits-all platform helps you reach more employees and create a connected workforce. However, it has limitations compared to other tools in the market such as the Relesys Communication Platform.

Best Facebook Workplace Alternative

Facebook Workplace is a popular communication tool in many organisations. In this article we’ll dive into the features of the Facebook Workplace platform and compare it to our Relesys Communication Platform.

The advantages of a Communication Platform

Digital communication platforms are an integrated part of many organizations today because they have optimized the way employees interact with each other and with HQ on a daily basis. 

A communication platform is an efficient tool for organizations to reach all of their employees, especially the non-desk workers that haven’t got access to a computer during their workday. 

These platforms also make it possible to structure your information flows so you can target the right employee group. In this way you can reach all of your employees with valuable information, so they don’t feel over-informed or not informed at all.


What are the features of Workplace from Facebook?

What Facebook is offering with Workplace is basically Facebook for work. It’s a simple communication platform and it’s appealing because of the billions of people that are already familiar with the design of the Facebook platform.

Workplace makes it possible to collaborate in a variety of ways. Both companies and employees can collaborate and communicate on the online platform. Workplace has a messenger chat similar to Slack and it’s featured with:

  • File sharing
  • Team channels
  • Live video
  • Reporting 

Facebook Workplace is a way to reach more employees and especially remote workers. The communication platform keeps everyone connected with virtual meetings and makes it possible for everyone to voice their inputs with polls and surveys.

Another benefit of Workplace is the possibility to segment all your employees into smaller groups with individual social walls. Like this you can structure your information flows and target special employee groups, so no one feels over-informed or the opposite where they experience a lack of information.


What are the limitations of Workplace from Facebook

The Facebook Workplace Platform is not a customized solution but one size fits all. It’s not designed to support anything other than the digital communication in your company. 

Therefore it’s not possible to expand the platform with features like employee training, on-boarding, gamification elements, nudging or store checks among others.

Because it’s not a one-point communication platform you’ll still need other systems or platforms for features like training and on-boarding. Your employees will have to seek information in different places which can be time-consuming and affect their overall work performance.




Facebook Workplace vs. Relesys Platform

The Facebook Workplace and the Relesys platform have a lot of similarities. They both support the internal digital communication in your company and make it possible to reach the non-desk workers by targeted information.

But there are also many notable differences. Workplace is all about communication whereas the Relesys platform is about communication, engagement, and performance. It’s what we call one point of the contact communication platform because we gather everything in one place.


Why Relesys is a perfect alternative to Facebook Workplace

Workplace is Facebook for Work and it’s great if you want to strengthen your internal communication. But if you also want to develop personal growth, provide structured training and have successful onboarding you need another tool, like the Relesys platform. 

The main difference is the analytical insights. This makes it possible to make data-driven decisions for your company. You can measure engagement and performance and implement strategies to increase the overall productivity of your company or adopt a proactive approach.

In the video below, we have listed all the core modules and features of the Relesys app.

Pricing: Facebook Workplace vs. Relesys

Another dissimilarity is the price. It can be financially advantageous for your company to explore alternatives for Workplace.

The cost for Workplace is 7 euro pr. user compared to The Relesys Enterprise Platform which is 4 euro pr. user, and for that price you get the whole shebang with training modules included

Whatever your reason is, there are so many communication tools out there that your company can benefit from. But it pays off to search the market for a platform that matches your needs before you make a decision. In any case, Workplace is an expensive and limited tool compared to the alternatives like our Relesys Platform.

Leah is Relesys's eternally-organized Marketing Campaign Manager. She sometimes moonlights as a globetrotting amateur photographer.

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