4 Tips to Upgrade Customer Service in Your Store

Delivering crème de la crème customer service is one of your company’s core values.

However, it can be challenging for your employees to act it out non-stop: When working in a jungle of SKU numbers, your employees can’t know and advise on your products down to every detail.   

Especially not in an ever-evolving market, where trends, products, and, therefore, customer needs come and go. 

When you've read this article, you’ll know how to overcome this customer service challenge - and take your customers by storm.  



New employees feel 18 x more engaged and committed to their workplace if they feel well onboarded. Since their engagement will shine through, and since they have contact with your customers from early on, a structured and valuable onboarding should be a top priority. 

An ideal onboarding tool is gamification, meaning an onboarding journey that feels like winning a game. Facts mixed with fun are food for the brain, which means that your new employees are more receptive to information, understand it better, and are more likely to let it stick in their minds  

Another ideal engagement aspect is rewards since points or diplomas evoke a little feeling of victory when they have passed a session, course, certificate, etc.   


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Last but not least, you should prioritize ongoing feedback and evaluation since it will fine-tune the skills of your employees and make their learning curves aim for the sky.  

By including all these aspects of the onboarding process, you ensure that your new employees feel equipped to face your customers and make them happy from day one.  



Product knowledge is a company asset that gives your customer service added value and makes it unique.   

Therefore, is it crucial to create a solid knowledge base where all product information, details like features, benefits, and fulfillment of needs, and updates are stored and available to all employees 

Your product knowledge bank should be accessible within an arm’s reach for two main reasons:  

Firstly, since most of your employees are non-desk workers, they don’t have access to a computer.   

Secondly, and most importantly, your customers’ time is valuable. If your employee can’t find an answer to their questions but must leave to ask a colleague or check at the stock, the customers are likely to lose their patience and buying momentum.   

To sum up, with a product knowledge bank your employees can take immediate action, work more efficiently, and offer quick and present customer service.  



All your employees have a ‘personal collectionof experiences, stories, and insider knowledge from their daily work with your products and customers. 

This sort of product knowledge has the same value as gold. And it can cause damage to your company’s bottom line if it isn’t shared among your non-desk workers 

To stimulate, spread, and store your company’s product knowledge, you should bring out a digital platform. Meaning a social meeting place, where employees can interact with each other through written words, pictures, and videos, and therefore make everyone owners of your company’s product knowledge 

This way, your employees can educate each other in understanding their customers even better – and sell even more.   


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If you want to give the customer a service that he or she remembers and talks about when being with family, friends, and colleagues, its not enough to meet the customer’s expectations 

You must exceed expectations.   

This raises the million-dollar question: How can you do that?   

Let's say you're a building material supplier 

If a customer is looking for tiles for a new bathroom, he or she may also need a plumber. Finding a good and trustworthy craftsman is not always easy, which means that many people listen to other people’s recommendations and experiences.    

This is your chance to blow your customer's socks off. 

As a building material supplier, you probably have one or more employees who have skilled craftsmen in their network. It can therefore be very valuable to create a digital list of names and companies that all employees have access to.  

In this case, you’re not ‘only’ helping the customer finding the best materials. You’re also helping him or her finding a specialist who can create the best result with those materials. 


So, there you have them: Four tips that make your customer service move mountains. 

However, it is easier said (or written) than done. It calls for a digital and pocket-sized platform that gathers all the processes and allows them to complement each other to reach their full potential. 

The Relesys Platform is a result of that need. And if you want to know more about how our platform can match your needs, you are more than welcome to download our pricing list. 


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