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Jan 17, 2022

How retailers are optimizing their operations by going digital

Relesys is featured in RetailNews because our digital operations tool, Store Check, is currently being used by some of the largest retailers in Denmark.

Streamlining and optimizing your company’s operations is imperative to success. Having all your documents, data, and checklists in one place saves time, money, and allows all employees easy access to business-critical tasks.  

Our Operations Pro solution assists our clients in organizing all their operational data and documents and is a key feature for many of our retail, hospitality, and manufacturing clients.  


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Operations Pro for retail stores

For retail stores, it allows managers and HQ to keep track of changing campaigns, and daily routines, and delegate tasks across all their company’s store branches. And for the employees in each store, the package allows access to personal tasks and current workload right on their mobile phones.  

With all these in one platform, stores won’t have to rely on dispersed paperwork that can easily be lost or hard to track, especially when comparing different store branches. Not only that, all employees can provide excellent and informed customer service.   

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Netto: Keeping employees informed

Many of our retail clients have already utilized operational features in their own platforms to keep employees informed and skilled in customer service. This includes Netto who has implemented the system to make it fun for all employees to check work schedules and stay informed of company news.

The app uses gamification to motivate employees and they can earn points when they read important information or undertake training courses. Internal communication has also improved with HQ now reaching 99.8% of all stores each week.  

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hand holding black phone white background store check


Store Check - A New Operations Tool

The store check feature has proved especially popular, with it featured in an article first published in RetailNews by Peter Munk Simonsen (originally published in Danish). Please note that the grammar has been altered for English, however, no content has been changed:

"The Danish software company Relesys has been very successful with implementing new digital solutions in the retail business.

Several large retailers, including Søstrene Grene, Specsavers, Salling Group, and VERO MODA have started using a digital tool called Store Check, which has been exclusively developed for the Relesys Platform.

This module will make it easier for store managers and employees to keep track of their stores and daily routines. With the tool installed on their phone, they can now create checklists and reports when setting up goods in their respective stores.

Many of our customers used old-fashioned paper forms for that kind of work. It is time-consuming. We are trying to digitalize this process so that most information is accumulated online and located in one database" says Thomas Laursen, Project Manager at Relesys.


Fashion Retailer with Great Experiences

The tool can also be used by regional managers, for example, when they are performing their weekly reviews. Here they can report, upload photos, etc. directly from their phone or tablet in the stores and rate their quality score.

One of the retailers using this tool on a daily basis is the Bestseller-owned clothing chain VERO MODA.

When the report is completed, the store receives an overall rating score, a Store Score that ranges from A+ to C- based on the total number of points. By having a Store Score, we can streamline our evaluation and follow-up processes, which saves us valuable time every single day" VERO MODA writes in an email to RetailNews.


The majority of customers using these digital store tools are retailers, but Relesys is also getting more and more transportation companies on board. For example, they can use the Store Check module for reporting damages.

It's about saving time and taking advantage of the fact that we have a phone at hand almost all the time. And then the module invites the employees to take ownership and involve themselves, because everyone knows how to use a phone" says Thomas Laursen.


Leah is Relesys's eternally-organized Marketing Campaign Manager. She sometimes moonlights as a globetrotting amateur photographer.

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